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Featured Quilt Artist

Joyce Hoyer

Joyce Hoyer, from Rapid City, SD, was born in Iowa and moved to South Dakota in 1973. She learned to sew in junior high home economics class and in high school took an advanced home economics class to further pursue her love of sewing. She learned to hone her skills by making a tailored suit, her prom dress, and later bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for her wedding. Sewing fell by the wayside with raising a family, working, going to college, and years later she found her passion shifting to quilting. She attended quilt shows, amazed by the artistry and skill, and knew she wanted to pursue that craft. She was 50 years old when she signed up for her first quilting class through a community education program and was hooked. Soon thereafter she was participating in the Passionate Quilters Retreat at Outlaw Ranch in Custer, a cozy group of quilting enthusiasts who shared their talents and love of quilting. Joyce is locally known as the "applique queen" at local quilt shows as she will have multiple quilts displayed in this category each year. Joyce's favorite part of quilting is the shopping and collection of fabric as well as bonding, sharing, and learning with fellow quilters. Her goal is to design a pattern (applique of course). She calls her sewing room (which was the feature that sold her on the home she purchased) her refuge where she finds a creative outlet and escapes for hours. Joyce is now retired and winters in Arizona where often the sewing room wins out over activities in the sunny warm climate. She enjoys sharing her quilts as gifts to friends and family, her church's bazaar, raffles, fundraisers, and natural disaster victims.


Community Centered Work

Pillowcase Project

The Pillowcase Project’s purpose is to provide pillowcases for the ill, temporarily displaced, and those in need in our community who may enjoy a little uplifting at a difficult time. Sewists volunteer their time and materials to create the pillowcases which are collected throughout the year and displayed during the Quilt Show. After the show, they are donated to local organizations including Sleep In Heavenly Peace, foster children, hospice patients, women’s shelters, Hill City Purse Project, an Alzheimer’s care center, the Alpine Inn’s Gifts from the Heart Christmas Tree, Custer Rehab and Care Center, and others. Last year, over 165 pillowcases were made, exhibited, and donated within the community.

Anyone is welcome to make a pillowcase. They can give it to a member of the Heart of the Hills Quilters by August 29 to join the colorful array at the show.

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2023 Quilt and Fiber Arts Show


In 1999, Betty Dahlin and Valerie Begeman came to Lou Schuelke and Sherryl Alexander with the idea of having an outdoor quilt show in Hill City, in addition to their Great Black Hills Quilt Escape Retreat. At that time, we formed the Heart of the Hills Quilters, and the first quilt show was held in 2000.

We continued under the name of Great Black Hills Outdoor Quilt Show and Classes through 2002. During 2003 and 2004, the quilt show was classed as a featured state event by the South Dakota Board of Tourism and the Governor’s Top Ten Events. This provided a lot of advertising that we did not have to pay for. It was a win-win situation for us. We hung all of the quilts that were entered outside, either at the fronts of the businesses or on teepee poles that we constructed for this event. It always looked so beautiful.

In 2003 the Great Black Hills Quilt Escape decided to move their retreat to a space in Lead, so we changed the name of our show to Hill City Outdoor Quilt Show and Sale. The Hill City Chamber of Commerce came on board with the Heart of the Hills Quilters to put on the show in Hill City. We continued to have classes for a few more years.


In 2004 we were chosen as one of ABA’s Top 100 Events in North America. This was a great honor and provided more publicity for our show.

In 2010 we moved the bigger part of our show inside at the Hill City School and made a two-day event for the quilt show. We continued to have some quilts hung outside, but most were inside. The wind was always a challenge with the outdoor quilts.

In 2019, we expanded the show to include fiber arts.", or something more clever. Also, would it be possible to change the sentence below? "The Hill City Quilt and Fiber Arts show continues today to be a very popular event for those who want to display their quilts or fiber art and those who just want to come and enjoy them.

For the last several years the Hill City Arts Council and the Hill City Chamber have organized the show with the help of the quilt guild. This year the quilt guild will be organizing the show again.

The Hill City Quilt Show continues today to be a very popular event for those who want to display their quilts and those who just want to come and enjoy them.


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